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Staff management

  • Establish a positive culture and communication in your team with regard to those with family commitments and (future) parents.
  • Anticipate parenthood situations in your staff management and take into account family commitments in your staff management. Also, provide for the costs of replacements for maternity leave and other family leave in the planning of your research projects and budgetary processes. Moreover, according to Directive 1.38. of the University of Lausanne Rectorate concerning the health protection of pregnant women (PDF), it is the responsibility of managers to inform staff, at the time of hiring, of the risks involved within the framework of their professional activities.
  • Adopt a benevolent attitude towards requests for family leave. If necessary, look for optimal replacement solutions during the leave period with those working with the person concerned.


Request for leave for family reasons

according to Directive 1.38 of the UNIL Rectorate

If your employee wishes to take parental, extended or partial leave, their request has to be signed by you. It is up to the direct superior to ensure beforehand that the conditions relating to the granting of leave are fulfilled.



  • Take into account the needs of employees with family responsibilities when scheduling meetings (for example, team meetings, Faculty Council meetings) as well as exam and course timetables.
  • For major events (symposiums, colloquiums, conferences), organise childcare solutions or make arrangements for parents to attend with their children. You can obtain more information from the Equal Opportunies Office.



Circulate information to all staff regarding daycare facilities for babies and infants and support for parents, carers and dual career couple.


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