Master of Law in Judicial Careers

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The Master of Law in Judicial Careers is aimed at students who wish to work in the judicial professions, for example as a judge, prosecutor, barrister, registrar, mediator, arbitrator or lawyer working in the legal department of a business, legal protection insurance company or administrative authority. It takes a combined theoretical and practical approach and enables students to develop in-depth skills in trials and disputes in criminal, civil and administrative cases, based on a unique multidisciplinary approach.

The Master of Law in Judicial Careers develops the following skills:

  • the acquisition of cross-cutting, interdisciplinary skills specific to the Faculty’s three Schools (the School of Law, the School of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Institute of Public Administration) linked to judicial practice, managing a court, communication, interpreting evidence and the rights of victims and injured parties;
  • the development of an understanding of judicial practice through classes and workshops in relation to civil law (particularly family law, adult and child protection, inheritance and enforcement), administrative law (particularly the law on foreign nationals) and criminal law (such as the law on the execution of sentences and forensic expertise in criminal matters);
  • the acquisition of practical experience through a one-month internship in a court, judicial office, prosecutor’s office, law firm or any other legal department, including a write-up of their experience (instead of a Master’s dissertation).


Practical information

Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration
School of Law

Degree awarded
Master of Law (MLaw) in Judicial Careers

ECTS credits

4 semesters

Teaching language
French. Recommended level : C1.
Some courses are taught in English.

Applications must be submitted to the Admissions Department before the deadline.

Enrolment and final dates
It is possible to start the programme of the Master of Arts degree in either the Autumn or the Spring semesters.
Applications to be submitted before 30 April (autumn semester) or 30 November (spring semester) to the Admissions Office:

Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadlines indicated above.

More information
Timetables and course descriptions
Study plan

Career prospects

The Master of Law in Judicial Careers is an advantage for securing an internship as a lawyer or as a registrar in a judicial office or prosecutor’s office. From a longer-term perspective, it offers high-quality training for those who wish to work in the following professions:

  • judge, prosecutor, arbitrator or registrar in a court, judicial office or prosecutor’s office
  • independent barrister or partner in a law firm
  • mediator
  • lawyer in the legal department of a business, legal protection insurance company or administrative authority

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