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Call for applications open until 2nd June 2020


About the Undergraduate Awards (UA)

UNIL is affiliated to the Undergraduate Awards (UA) Network, offen compared to the Junior Nobel Prize. UA is the world’s largest academic undergraduate awards programme meant to identify, encourage and reward leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework of all kinds (written exams, seminars, bachelor thesis, etc...).

The programme is made of 25 different categories and is open to all bachelor students in their penultimate year, final year or very recent bachelor graduates. Students submit their work in English for free and anonymously online. Applications are then judged by a panel of international experts from industry and academia.

Winning students are recognised as the best in their field and the winning papers are published in the Undergraduate Award academic journal. Winners in each category are invited to Dublin for an exclusive networking event: the 4-day UA Global Summit.

Mathilde Paillat's experience, SSP student, selected in 2016

Take a look at what academics who attended the UA Global Summit say about UA

WHO is UA for?

UA is open to all penultimate and final year bachelor students, as well as very recent bachelor graduates, of all disciplines.

HOW to apply?

  1. Announce your interest to the International Relations Office (IRO) of the University of Lausanne. Contact: (021 692 20 24). 
  2. First, create a UA account through the UA Form here. Also check the submission guide. You can upload your paper at a later date.
  3. Write a 100 - 300 words abstract to accompany your submission.
  4. Complete your submission (2500-5000 words with few exceptions) through the UA Form in English and anonymously. You can submit up to 3 different papers/projects.


WHAT to apply with?

Individual undergraduate coursework (exams, seminars, Bachelor thesis, etc...) which received a very high or maximum grade.

WHY apply?


Winners are recognised as the top student in their field globally among students from universities around the world and their work is published in the The Undergraduate Awards Library.

The Network

Besides the winners, UA also recognises the top 10% of all applicants in each category as Highly Commended (HC). Winners & HC Entrants become members of the UA Alumni network, an eclectic mix of world class minds.

The UA Global Summit

The overall winner of each category receives an all-expenses-paid trip to the UA Global Summit in Dublin to attend a four-day brainstorming and networking event with their counterparts from across the globe.

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Ms Sylvie Kohli
International Relations Office
University of Lausanne
T.: +41 21 692 20 24